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Impellicone Flow Dividers and Splitters

The John Blue Impellicone is a flow divider designed for agricultural Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3) application. It distributes NH3 to multiple rows across an applicator with the accuracy and flexibility you have come to expect from John Blue Products. Impellicone’s name comes from the unique shaped needle, which spins and mixes the liquid and gas phases distributing them evenly to the number of outlets you need. The John Blue Impellicone can be used for all NH3 applications at normal rates, while also offering the flexibility to plug unused outlets without sacrificing accuracy. The Impellicone’s superior accuracy allows better control of targeted rates greatly reducing the over-application of NH3. This will result in less nitrogen leaching, lower crop yield variability and ultimately lowering overall application costs.

LBMS wireless panelstandard control panel

NH3 Blockage Monitor System (NBMS)

Now you can monitor NH3 (anhydrous ammonia) application flow directly from the cab of your tractor. No more second-guessing if a delivery line is plugged! The VisaGage NH3 Flow Monitor and Blockage System helps you identify which row is being under-applied before yields are diminished. Our patented system shows you both low-flow and no-flow problems in real time so you can correct it immediately saving your valuable time and money.

NH3 Liquid Blades

For Agricultural Planters

A-Series Stainless Steel Tubes on Heavy Duty Knives

  • Heat-treated after coating to assure strength and wearability.
  • High carbon 1080 steel makes the knife strong and tough.
  • Plain tube or 304 stainless steel tube.
  • Available with extremely hard boride coating for long wear life.
  • Largest toe section on any knife in the industry.